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Searching For Answers!

Search Engine Optimisation

What Is It?

Modifying your sites code and content to achieve higher search results. The process can be extremely time consuming but worth every minute.

web site code being search engine optimised by an expert
Search Engine Friendly

It is usually better to write your sites code and content from fresh with search engines in mind.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Site Optimised

  1. Natural Search listing deliver targeted traffic to your site for your products and services.
  2. Get your web site higher on the major search engine's natural listings.
  3. Enhance your business image.
  4. Make it really easy for your customers to find you.
  5. Stand Proudly above your competitors.


'Mark Up' Your Tags Or Miss Out

Don't miss any opportunity to gain some engine favoritism. Every little counts so there is no reason not to.

web site html tags being optimised by a specialist
Tags Help Engines

When written correctly HTML tags can be used to inform search engines and text readers what your images are which is also useful for partially sighted visitors, what your sections are about and even what shows up on search listings.

Top5 Reasons For Getting Your Tags Right

  1. Get higher on search engine natural listings.
  2. Choose which text search engines place under your natural listing.
  3. Help search engines to understand what your sites content is.

Site Content

Content Is Definitely King

Visitors need useful content to understand their needs. They also need to know you do it, and well.

eye catchiuing layout on this gold and blak web site with well written copy
Craft Your Content With Passion!

Feel your text and it will shine through. Let your imagination run wild and just write about each subject. If you are anything like me then spend some time removing unessential text to a bare minimum without affecting the message.

Top 5 Site Content Tips

  1. Anticipate and answer your customers questions.
  2. Write in a friendly tone and be descriptive of your subject.
  3. Make full use of as many HTML tags as you can.
  4. Don't over do it. You are at risk of boring your customers so split up long areas of text and use appropriate headers and header tags.
  5. A page per phrase. That's what you should aim for so research your subjects well.


Lets Climb The Listings Together!

a graphic designed arrow pointing upwards suggesting climbing higher like a site in the search engine results

We are usually more excited about optimising a web site so it performs on the search engines way more than our customers. This is because we know just what it means to your business.

Be Very Careful

Your sites code & content are crawled and rated when first uploaded and when major changes are made. This information is stored forever against your domain name so you could find your domain name never shows up again on some engines.

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