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Hail Electronic Mail!

Professional Email

Your Email AddressSpeaks Volumes

Inference will be drawn from Your Email Address. People Expect to see an email address that matches your web site url (

examples of good and bad business email addresses
Please Don't Use A Free Email Address

Nothing screams unprofessional like a name, then some numbers following the @ is the well known free bit.

Top 6 Why Professional Email Services

  1. Using a free email address can result in your customer thinking you have as little interest in providing professional reliable services.
  2. Professional email services are much quicker than free email.
  3. Send and receive larger file attachments and at greater speeds.
  4. Control your own security.
  5. Fewer problems.
  6. Less Down time.

Email Signatures

Sign Off In Style

An automated system that puts your credentials at the bottom of all your emails You can sometimes even set up signatures for free email if you have software and the email provider has settings for this.

outlook email signature set up and looking very professional
Set It & Forget It!

You need email software to do this such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora. If you get your email by logging into a web site you most likely can't do this at present. In your software settings look for email signatures. Usually you have to create a simple profile and you can then configure multiple signatures for all your accounts.

Top 4 Email Signature Tips

  1. Use your email signature to display all your company detail such as your name, company position, business postal address, business web site url and not forgetting the all important logo.
  2. If you configure more than one email address you can setup different signatures for both and the software will automatically use the correct signature when you 'reply' to an email.
  3. Keep your logo small and make sure it is the dimensions you require so your email software don't have to resize it.
  4. Make good use of font colors and sizes.

Virus & Spam

They Are So Sneaky!

They send us all daft but they are now just a part of every day electronic life. Yes that's right viruses and spam are here to stay. We cant stop them all, but we can minimise our chances of getting them.

virus and spam software scanning a computer for infections
Free Software Will Help Save The Day

There is lots of really great software these days that might just save your email server. Just search for anti virus software and malware software. There are free options but generally these are just for home use.

Top 5 Virus & Spam Prevention Tips

  1. Never click a link in an email unless you were expecting to receive it. Hover over it to see the actual web address and not just the intended text.
  2. Be cautious of email attachments. It is one of the easiest ways to get a virus or malware spam. Read the text properly and if you are suspicious leave the email and attachment. If its from a real person they will usually get back to you.
  3. Beware of fake invoices and payments made to you. This is a very popular way of getting you to click and get a virus.
  4. It is highly unlikely you have won the Nigerian lottery.
  5. Don't ever hand over money in any medium through an email alone.

Email Configuration

Imap Or Pop 3?

Choose to look after your own emails. When you log into a pop 3 email server the server delivers your email which is then stored on your device locally such as your computer drive and is then deleted from the server. Imap is still stored on the server after delivery where it remains until you delete it. Imap email is NOT stored on your computer locally.

configure your outlook email with these settings
Microsoft Office Has Outlook

If you have Microsoft Office then you have Microsoft Outlook. Look on your start menu for it. When you first start Outlook you have to add your email account so have your details to hand.

Top 4 Configuration Tips

  1. We choose Pop 3 as we like to be responsible for our own email.
  2. If an Imap mail server suffers data loss your email could be lost forever.
  3. Make sure you have good, up to date anti-virus software.
  4. Make sure you configure your signature in your mail clients options.


Email Is Here To Stay

a huge email at sign in blue and in 3 dimensions

Electronic mail is now the backbone of our text based business communications. We all use it so it makes sense to pay a little for a faster, more reliable and much more professional system.

Don't Worry We Do It

If we are designing your web site we will set up and configure your new business email for you. Just call in with your laptop or pc base unit (no screen, mouse or keyboard required) and we'll get it done before you finish your cuppa.

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