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They Are The Phrases That Pays Us!

Key Phrases

Its Only What We Type

Think of all the 2 to 5 word combinations people might type to find you. They should include your products or and services and your town or city.

examples of city based key phrase searchs
Not Smart Enough!

Although search engines are really clever they are not quite smart enough to associate every key word and phrase with your site so you need to tell them.

Top 3 Key Phrase Tips

  1. DON'T over do them as search engines will penalise your site for this.
  2. Keep them natural and mostly separated with relevant text.
  3. Under no circumstances should you ever try to trick search engines no matter who says this or that works. What works today will most likely get you penalised tomorrow.

Phrases Pay

It's The Phrase That Pays

Get this right and they absolutely will. You are after the most popular collective search words that describe your products and services.

examples of really good key words for your site
Plural & Singular

Use examples of both plural and singular phrases when crafting your content to make sure you are there for both.

Top 5 Phrase Musts

  1. Know Your Phrases – Before you start writing you need to be researching the most popular search phrases.
  2. Give Them Weight – Take your list to the next level with an ordered list.
  3. Not Just Your Phrases – You also need to cover common non service related words such as company, services and repairs.
  4. One Per Page – For major phrases that are popular you should build an entire page around it's subject.
  5. Maximum Score Please – Your site's content MUST be relevant and not just waffle.

Towns & Cities

You Need To Include Yours

Your customers will type it. Your products or services followed or preceded by the town or city they are in.

small sheffield map with chesterfield keywords too
Don't Get Over Ambitious

Keep towns and cities to minimum at first and then grow them slowly. If you over do too many you will dilute the main town or city you are after.

Top 3 Town & City Tips

  1. City Or Town In Tags – A really great way to use your town or city in your page is in the title tags as well as description and alternative tags.
  2. Mention It Regularly – As you are writing your content include your main town or city within the main text a few times per page based on how much text you actually do.
  3. Include Your County – Depending on the type of business you have you may find a few searchers will include this in their search.


Take Full Advantage

a large metal magnifying glass highlighting the word specialists

We cover your keywords. Through long hard good old fashioned research we collectively include them throughout your site.

You Really Could Miss Out!

money equals key phrases illustration with 33d pound signs

It makes good business sense to cover as many words and phrases that your potential customers may possibly type.

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