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Serve Your Site Right!

Web Site Hosting

What Is Site Hosting?

Your web site is stored on a computer online that is available twenty four seven. A fast connection to the internet is a must and it needs to be fully functioning all year round. Anyone can connect to a web site anywhere in the world regardless of the servers location.

world globe surround by a pc with a mobile phone and a tablet device in different countries accessing a web site host server in sheffield england
It Needs To Be Always Live!

If there is a problem with the computer hosting your web site or it's internet connection your visitors will be presented with a white blank screen sporting a message similar to site not found.

Top 5 Web Hosting Tips

  1. If your site goes down your potential customers can no longer view your site.
  2. Downtime equates to a reduction in your natural search rank on the major search engines.
  3. Harms your business image.
  4. Loses customer confidence.
  5. Ultimately costs you money.

Host Connection Speeds

Don't Leave Your Visitors Hanging

A slow host results in visitors leaving. These days fast, reliable web hosting is relatively inexpensive so don't be tempted to allow your site to be hosted on traffic heavy hosting platforms such as the free or really cheap ones.

a spinning web browser awaiting data from the site host computer
It's All About The Upload Speed!

A computer acting as a web site host needs to have an internet connection with at least 10 megabits per second sustained and preferably 100 megabits per second burst rate.

Top 4 Web Hosting Company Tips

  1. Choose a reputable company.
  2. Check there uptime reliability percentage figure which needs to be over ninety nine point zero percent. A good host has a reliability figure of around 99.6% or higher
  3. Good customer service is invaluable but surprisingly still lacking even now so make sure you research what genuine customers say.
  4. Search engines will penalize your site if it is slow at loading, they actually check loading times and reward accordingly.

Computer Specifications

It Doesn't Have To Break The Budget

Reliability & security comes first. Performance is less important, especially if your site is a typical low traffic services site. If your site will only attract low traffic you should have no problems using an old computer. Just make sure it is within our minimum specifications.

a host computer illustration including minimum recommended specs
Windows Or Linux No One Cares!

Just make sure your operating system (Windows, Linux etc) is properly set up to securely host web sites. Better still, let someone else worry about this and just pay for good hosting.

Top 5 Web Host Computer Specification

  1. Computer with a minimum of 2 cores and at least 2 gigabytes of ram and a fast hard drive.
  2. Ideal web server is 4 cores or 2 individual processors with at last 16 gigabytes of of 1600 Megahertz ram and a solid state drive.
  3. No fancy hardware including sound cards, graphics and especially no gimmicks like LED lighting.
  4. Disable all hardware that is not required leaving the bare minimum for your operating system and your network.
  5. Make sure there is plenty of air moving inside your server's case as it will get very warm in there, especially in summer.

Hosting Environment

Keep Me Cool

Please don't site me next to a radiator. Would be the first of your computers demands if it could speak. Heat really is one of the biggest computer killers.

a computer running nice and cool to help minimise downtime
Where Can I put My Host Computer?

The cooler the better. This is usually low down in a building. But not in a damp environment this too is detrimental to a computers health.

Top 5 Web Server Siting Tips

  1. Never sit your server next to a radiator, this is will result in your processors all throttling (reduced performance to generate less heat).
  2. Damp areas such as cellars should be avoided as the damp will quickly reduce your once trusty server to unreliable and scrap.
  3. Make sure your computers air flow vents are not obstructed.
  4. Site your web server as close to your router or where your internet connection first enters your property as you can.
  5. Treat your server to a filtered mains lead which will supply your servers circuits with cleaner electricity.

Host Maintenance

Maintain It Or Fix It!

Look after your server & it will look after your site. A good maintenance schedule will help keep your site secure at all times whilst maximizing it's performance and lifespan.

a host being defragged as part of its maintenance schedule
You Need A Back Up System

Take a disk image of your servers operating system and any other drives relating to your site's hosting. You never know when your server's time is up so keep any old computers just incase.

Top 5 Web Hosting Maintenance Tips

  1. Defrag your disks every couple of weeks.
  2. Delete operating system temp files.
  3. Clean out processor heat sinks and all internal fans.
  4. Clean windows registry.
  5. Scan for malware, spam and viruses.


Super Fast Web Site Hosting

a very fast computer with data in and out arrow illustrations

All our customers web sites are stored on a super quick computer with a huge burst upload of 100 megabits per second.

Leave it All To Us!

large blue 3d tick confirming we do everything

We know most business professionals just see web sites as another marketing tool so we always register your domain name (the WWW bit) set up your new web site on our server so you can just get on with running your business.

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