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Changing The Web Together!

Web Site Design

It Keeps Getting Better

Creating your internet identity and your internet presence effectively advertising your business, products and services world wide. To remain competitive in the 21st century you need a website that is visually relevant with rich content and search engine friendly.

a 17 year old web site with just a bit of text and a couple of small images changing into a modern feature rich mmulti layered site that draws you in
Don't Let Them Leave!

The reason most visitors leave a website is because of poor design and navigation.

Top 5 Site Design Tips

  1. Use HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 for the very best animations.
  2. Lots of web pages rich in content and images along with animations and slide shows and search engine optimised.
  3. Try to make sure the design, graphics, coding and search engine optimisation is done by the same company. Nothing out sourced ensures consistently high quality web sites that not only look great but perform great on the search engines and ultimately result in new customers for you.
  4. Make sure your site is custom designed and tailored to your individual needs.
  5. Register your domain name as soon as you decide on a URL.

Fully Responsive Web Sites

Its All About Screen Resolution

How Many Pixels Are There? 8K has 16 million addressable pixels, 4K has 8 million addressable pixels, High Definition has 2 million, high definition ready is only 1 million. Then we have smart phones which are typically 400 pixels wide, laptops are typically 1440px wide and tablets are mostly 1280 pixels wide.

welcome to our web street image showing how a photographers web site changes when displayed on the top computer devices
One size NO Longer Fits All!

A web designer must take full advantage of every pixel at every resolution. Easy right. Well not exactly, and what's more the site's complexity substantially increases the re-sizing phase duration.

Top 5 Web Capable Devices

  1. Smart Phone – The number one device used to search online for products and services again is the mobile smart phone.
  2. Desktop PC – With resolutions up to 8K pixels the good old fashioned P.C is hanging in there at number two.
  3. Tablet – Typicaly 1280 pixels wide with touch screen tablets are rapidly replacing laptops.
  4. Laptop – 1440 pixels wide on average the laptop has been the choice of mobile professionals for over 30 years.
  5. Television – The advent of digital televisions meant it was only just a matter of time before we shopped online on them.

Industry Research

Get The Knowledge

Don't skip this whatever you do. Probably the most important part of designing any company web site is knowing the industry.

wide screen monitor with lots of research web sites open
Competitors Research

The web is really great for researching your competitors. With a view to creating the absolute best content for your business products and services research is vital to the ranking success of any site.

Top 5 Research Musts

  1. We often discover services or products our client can offer that they currently don't through good research so you might too.
  2. Get a feel for what your competitors have done.
  3. Never use text crafted by someone else from their site as search engines will reject the entire page at the very least.
  4. Pay particular attention to images for photography ideas.
  5. Finally look at the key phrases your competitors are chasing.

Site Graphic Design

Every Site Needs Graphics

Show your customers something nice. Great graphics can go a long way to helping your site stand out and remain memorable.

graphic design software displayed on a large screen with a garages artwork open
Graphics Buy Confidence!

If you have good graphics and equally good content on your site your visitors will have more confidence in your products and services. This is why companies spend big on graphic design.

Top 3 Reasons To Get A Web Site

  1. Create a more professional business image.
  2. Relay your main message through imagery.
  3. Keep viewers on your site longer (search engines reward this).

Web Site Photography

An Image Speaks A Thousand Words!

We all know The saying for a reason. It is so true. The better your site photography is the better your site will look. Poor images reflect negatively and can be enough to make people leave your site.

paul roberts our web site photographer photographic a company for their new web site
Web Photography For The Masses!

A modern smart phone has a reasonably good camera these days so everyone can take their own photos. Staff working make for the best web images but through research you should have a good idea of what works and what doesn't for your industry.

Top 3 Web Photography Tips

  1. Smart phones are a great way to start taking photographs for your site.
  2. Invest in a well reviewed digital camera such as the Canon E7, the pictures are amazing compared to phone cameras despite often being of lower resolution.
  3. A professional specialist web photographer such as Paul Roberts will create images that will earn you substantially more profit than they cost and is the way to go if you can afford it.


Attention To Detail!

garage web site displayed on a tablet coputer device

We are a web design company in south Sheffield creating innovative, interactive web sites for all Sheffield and Chesterfield business’s creating your internet identity and your internet presence effectively advertising your business, products and services world wide.

All Web Design Is Not The Same!

wedding photographer web site laptop ecample

Our passion is the foundations of our unique web site designs. This is why you get a site that stands head and shoulders above your competitors web sites.

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