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left eybrow moving up and down right eyebrow moving up and down left eye animated to move left and right right eye animated to move right and left animated left eye pupil animated right eye pupil
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Embrace The Movement!

Web Animation

Show Your Customers Something New

Great web animation should speak for itself. Effective animation can tell your customers what you do and where you do it in the most entertaining of ways.

a drainage companies equipment animating in and out
Don't Just Spell It Out!

Play it using images, illustrations and text to stamp home your message while keeping visitors on your site for longer and converting more of them to telephone calls.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Web Site Animations

  1. Keep visitors on your site longer which the search engines just love.
  2. Communicate messages more effectively.
  3. Be the first in your industry to get amazing web animations as the search engines love this too.
  4. Gain more confidence from potential and existing customers.
  5. Get more calls for your products and services.

What's Possible

The Skies The Limit

If you can think of it, it can be done A good web animation professional should be able to do most animations you ask of them. From Simple photographs and illustrations to complex manufacturing processes and products functioning are all possible these days.

company van animated on and off screen
Bandwidth Limitations Still Apply!

Even though web animation technologies have improved dramatically in recent years and computing power has increased the good old internet speed is now our number one consideration.

Top 5 Web Animation Tips

  1. Simple slide shows still need a small amount of animation skills.
  2. Complex animations take time to perfect so consider this when you are still in the planning phase and long before the quotations stage.
  3. Images with transparencies make really great animations.
  4. Your animation should contain semantically correct HTML headers and paragraph text.
  5. Use Css 3.0 not flash for your new animation.

Animation Sizes

0.3K Pixels Wide To 8K Pixels Wide

Ok now that complicates things. Remember just like your modern web site your animation needs to work on pc screens and Tv's down to tablets and phones.

three different sized device all showing the same web site which looks different on each
Notoriously Difficult To Size!

Difficult and time consuming is the best way to describe re-sizing web animations. Not only do you have to make it fit on all resolutions but you need to pay special attention to computing power too.

Top 5 Web Site Animation Tips

  1. Must work on all screen sizes.
  2. Must not exhaust the devices processing power which results in the device crashing or responding very very slow.
  3. Create vector artwork in an application such as Adobe Illustrator or Quark Express.
  4. Output your vector artwork as a 24 bit 'PNG' graphic and include transparencies.
  5. Make sure your animation is relevant and it must be obvious.

Animated Examples

Animation Adds Character!

It's another way to show your care. We all love seeing unique little animations here and there. They catch our eye and draw our attention.

animated gearbox gears and shafts
Why Not Make It Big!

With fast internet and powerful hardware there's no reason not to. Your customers will stay on your site longer and if is really special they will show their friends.


Animation Is Fun!

animated health diagnostic wave sweeping across the screen

We love creating animations for the web. It's much more rewarding than any game and our clients customers always love them and often comment.

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