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The Web Is Our Wonder Filled Place!

illustration of a web designer at his desk hard at work with brush and mouse in hand illustration of a web site search engine optimisation specialist working at a laptop on code

Web Design

What's Happened To The Web?

Over the years web design has changed dramatically. With super quick internet connections and amazingly fast hardware, web design has gone from square box based layouts to innovative, complex, multi layered animated marvels.

very old web site from about 16 years ago morphing into a modern site
Get Your Business Image Right First Time!

Your web site is now your shop front. It reflects massively on your business image and literally the better your web site looks, the more people will get in touch for your products and services. This is assuming you are riding high on the major search engines.

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Web Site

  1. Organic search engines drive lots of targeted traffic to your web site which equals lots of new customers for you.
  2. Your website will work for you every single day of every year including bank holidays.
  3. Allow your customers and clients to easily find your business and services online.
  4. Significantly enhances your business image creating a stunning modern reflection of your business products and services.
  5. Your new web site should look great in 8K, 4K, full high definition and equally as great on smart phones, tablets and everything in between.

Fully Responsive Web Sites

What Should My Site Work On?

There are so many devices these days. 8K, 4K, High Definition, high definition ready, laptops, tablets smart phones we could go on. Your site should look good on all of these and future devices in the making.

web site example designed to fit any screen size showing how it changes from big screens to very small screens
Don't Miss Out!

If your site doesn't look right, people will leave it. These are your potential customers. They are looking for trust and any issues with your site suggests your products and services maybe of equal quality.

Top 5 Web Capable Devices

  1. Smart Phone – The number one device used to search online for products and services again is the mobile smart phone.
  2. Desktop PC – With resolutions up to 8K the good old fashioned pc is hanging in there at number two.
  3. Tablet – Typicaly 1280 pixels wide with touch screen tablets are rapidly replacing laptops.
  4. Laptop – 1440 pixels wide on average the laptop has been the choice of mobile professionals for over 30 years.
  5. Television – The advent of digital televisions meant it was only just a matter of time before we shopped online on them.

Web Site Hosting

Fast, Reliable & Unlimited

A fast computer and a fast internet connection is a must. The computer should be set up specifically to host web sites with hardware to match. A high speed network adaptor will allow very low latency and a battery back up system to prevent downtime through power issues.

illustration of a computer connected to the internet hosting a web site and an online user connected to the site host
Your Customers Wont Wait!

You have just a few seconds of potential customer patience loading time. If your site hasn't loaded you can bet your competitors will and that's where your potential customer just visited and telephoned them.

Top 5 Web Site Hosting Musts

  1. Super fast internet connection with at least 10 MB/s upload speed.
  2. Computer designed to host web sites and perform email services.
  3. Battery back up system.
  4. Maintenance plan.
  5. Dry cool area to site your web hosting computer.

Business Email

Can I Just Use My Existing Email?

Absolutely not. A professional trustworthy business always has matching credentials. Or so it is perceived. This includes matching stationary such as business cards and matching web url and email address.

business email hosting illustration showing email server servings email to a mobile phone and a desktop computer
It's Also Much faster!

Professionally hosted email is always lots quicker than your Hotmail email. You can usually attach much bigger files which send quicker to your recipients too.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Professional Email

  1. The most professional image possible.
  2. Much faster than standard free email systems.
  3. Can be much more secure than public email servers.
  4. Less downtime.
  5. Send & receive larger attachments.

Search Engines

What Is A SearchEngine

Google, Bing and Yahoo are currently the most popular U.K search companies. Each of them have developed their own algorithms to 'crawl' web site pages and value their content which is stored in huge databases on computers they own and manage.

a basic search engine results page and database store all online being accessed by a pc and a phone device
Search Engines Need To Love Your Site!

There are many aspects search engines look at when rating your site. The content is obviously vital to it's success but the underlying code plays a massive part in how high your site will climb.

Top 5 Search Engine Do's

  1. Google – The peoples choice for searching online and has been for over twenty years.
  2. Bing – Microsoft's answer to the search community is a relative new comer being established in 2006.
  3. Yahoo – The search alternative that is still holding in there despite its regular issues.
  4. Ask Jeeves – Favoured by many for its use of a questions and answers system.
  5. ?.

Search Engine Optimisation

Top That PageOne

We all want It. Only one can hold it. Page one of the search engines natural listings is where its all at. People mostly re-phrase their query if they don't find what they want on page one.

a highly ranked search engine result
It Takes Work & Patience!

Your site needs to be the best. To define best we need to analyse your competitors. Or we could just do the very best web site featuring the very latest technologies, semantically perfect code, unique hand crafted & beautifully written content.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Site Optimised

  1. Organic search engines are trusted by shoppers the world over.
  2. Its not just content that's important there is all the hidden code that search engines read and viewers cant see that needs to be there.
  3. Image tags should be created for every image on your site for the visually impaired.
  4. Your sites code should be semantically correct.
  5. Your site should validate over at the World Wide Web Organisation which was started and still advised by Tim Burners Lee (the webs dad).

Online Marketing

Do I Need To Market My Web Site?

These days most companies have an online marketing plan which unfortunately means you need to. Every little helps as they say. Your site needs to be marketed for people to visit and call you. Traffic equals telephone calls so don't shy away from this vital area of promotion.

illustration of a marketing teams online statergy
It Doesn't Need To Cost The Earth!

Just a small amount of activity on your behalf can help keep your sites search rank and improve your natural listing position.

Top 6 Reasons To Get Your Site Marketed

  1. Organic search engines are trusted by shoppers the world over.
  2. Paid search advertising is best spent getting your site to page one naturally.
  3. Maintain your lead on your competitors.
  4. Improve your online business image.
  5. Climb even higher on the natural listings.
  6. Get more customers.


Call The Roofers

screen dump of our brand new roofing and guttering web sites home page

Another Sheffield roofer, R & A Roofing are now online and climbing the search pages. Lovely animated icons and lots of unique roofing and guttering content.

Our Latest Creation

roberts photographers web site new and live logo

This is Paul Roberts, our local Sheffield photographer. He now does all our business photography and he is very very good.

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